Social Responsibility

We believe above all, a socially responsible property manager takes genuine care of their residents and properties.
  1. Sun Residential is fully committed to the spirit and practice of fair housing and equal opportunity employment.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  1. In our communities we are committed to energy efficiency, for example:
    • We’ve installed over 230,000 sq ft of additional attic insulation- enough to cover nearly five football fields,
    • We’ve installed over 4,000 quality energy efficient windows and doors,
    • We’ve installed nearly 150,000 sq ft of white reflective flat roofing- enough to cover over three football fields.
    • We’re currently in the process of converting all our common area lighting to low energy LED lighting.
  1. We do our best to be responsive, contributing and helpful neighbors in our communities: Its our goal to be model neighbors with attractive, clean, and well-cared for properties.
  1. We attempt to increase tree coverage at our properties where appropriate.
  1. We’ve eliminated the use of broad treatment insecticides on our lawns and have worked to reduce herbicide usage on grounds to minimize water-runoff pollution.
  1. We’ve built over 72 individual large organic garden plots for our residents’ use at various properties to maximize the productive and positive usage of otherwise idle land. These are fenced, annually tilled, have organic compost materials added annually and have running water availability- an uncommon but very valuable amenity at community gardens.
  1. Small, but important matters like beehive infestations in buildings are undertaken in a caring manner to prevent, when practical, the live transfer, rather than eradication of the bee colony.