Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay rent?
You can make a payment at the leasing office at most locations with a personal check, money order, or certified check.  We do not accept cash payments.  The office at Iroquois Green does not accept payments in the office.  Please note that personal checks are not accepted for late rental payments and must be paid with a certified check or money order.  All payments should be made payable to "Sun Residential" and should include your name and address to ensure it is appropriately credited to your account. spacer
Why should I bother getting Renters Insurance?
A Valid Renter’s Insurance policy listing Sun Residential as additional insured with a minimum of $100,000 personal liability limit is a requirement of your lease agreement.  Our insurance covers the building and grounds only.  A Renter’s Insurance Policy will protect both you and your personal property. spacer
May my roommate be released from my lease if they move out?
We are unable to make any changes in the middle of a lease agreement.  Once the lease expires we can add or remove roommates provided all persons remaining or being added qualify under our current rental criteria. spacer
Am I playing my music too loud?
It’s very important for us to be able to provide quiet enjoyment to all our residents while they are at home.  General rule of thumb is:  If you can hear it standing outside your home with the door closed, it’s too loud.  We ask that everyone keep the noise to a minimum all the time as people work different schedules. spacer
May I get a cat or a dog?
You may only get a cat or a dog if your Property Manager approves it. Not all Sun Residential Communities accept dogs.  An upfront pet fee is required as well as a monthly pet rent will apply. Click here for our pet policy. spacer
Is it possible to transfer from one Sun Residential Community to another Sun Residential Community, or to another apartment within a Sun Residential Community?
Transfers may be acceptable with written consent from management.  If approved, a transfer fee will be charged.   Check with your leasing office for more details and click the following link for our Onsite Transfer Policy spacer
I paid a security deposit to move in. What does that cover and do I get it back?
Security deposits are paid to cover potential damages beyond normal wear and tear to the apartment home.  It is our intention to return 100% of the security deposit provided there are no cleaning or damage charges in your home and all account balances have been taken care of.  You must provide a valid forwarding address and will receive your deposit back via U.S.P.S within 30 days of your move out. spacer
I need to move before my lease is up, what do I need to do?
You will need to contact the leasing office as soon as you know that you need to move early.  There will be a lease cancellation fee equivalent of two months rent and that amount is due on the day you turn your keys in.  You will also owe rent through the date you turn all keys into the leasing office. spacer
I plan to move at the end of my lease. What do I need to do?
A 60 day written notice is required prior to your move out. You can pick up this from your leasing office. spacer
What is the application process like?
Please click the following link to see a brief synopsis of the application process. spacer
What is a Lease Management System & why do we use it?
A Lease Management System allows us to regulate the amount of leases that expire in a given month. Once a monthly limit is reached, we offer a longer or shorter lease depending on availability. The availability can change daily. By regulating the amount of leases that expire in a given month, it allows us to better allocate time for maintenance to prepare the apartment(s) for move in. If we did not use a LMS, it would be possible for a large number of apartments to be vacated in a particular month, which would require a greater amount of time to have those apartments prepared for move in for a new resident.